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We’re Talking Browns! Or…Are We?

Analytics: A Bit Like Frosting Without Cake

You may have heard that after many struggling years, the Cleveland Browns have decided to try analytics. Which means that they’re going to be analyzing everything. If they figure out that the team is 19-8 after tackle Joe Thomas sits in even-numbered rows on team flights, he’ll never sit in an odd-numbered row again.

Some …


Who Should You Promote?

Your Net Promoter Score:
why we promote your learning it.

Years ago I met a guy who worked for the California Prune Board — he was there in 2001 when the FDA gave them permission to use “dried plums” as an alternative to “prunes”. (Since then they’ve been called the California Dried Plum Board.)

Dried plums/prunes have long suffered from a stigma as an old person’s laxative-aiding fruit — …

Want the Scoop on Inside Information?

Want the 411 on your industry? Don’t ask.

I recently attended a conference where coffee, danish and slightly faulty advice were served. The speaker claimed that the marketplace will be going through many changes in the next couple years, and so companies need to gather as much intelligence as they can to stay up on things within their industry.

To gather such information, his suggestion was to have salespeople ask questions …


By ColemanWick: Why So Personal?

Personas: almost real 
Their benefits: oh so real

If you’re not single, pretend you are. Would you go on a date with someone based solely on this information:

“Female, early 20s, enjoys cats and music.” Or, “Male, early 40s, likes sports and travel.”

Didn’t think so. Not only is it not nearly detailed enough, but the facts could be misleading.

Like maybe the woman is 14 cats …

By ColemanWick: What lie is your company telling itself?

Facts are facts. Except when they’re myths.

I can still hear this crusty executive’s voice from a meeting a few years ago: “Those folks don’t buy our products and they never will!”

Two weeks’ worth of market research later, ColemanWick revealed his irrefutable opinion to be an institutional myth.

There is no Wikipedia listing for “Institutional Myth“, but there should be.


By ColemanWick: Dying By 1K Cuts?

The Slow Drip

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

There’s plenty of truth in that idiom. But as a researcher, I’ve observed that companies often don’t know something is broken in the first place.

Further, whatever is broken usually affects one or more of the company’s clients. The longer the issue is undetected, the more time for client resentment to fester and build. Next …


By ColemanWick: What’s Even Better Than Passion?

Passion Backed by Facts

Tired as we all are of terms like “innovative”, “strategic” and “leading-edge”, such endless repetition is understandable — in the marketing lexicon there are only so many words and phrases available to describe the particulars of the business world.

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m suffering market-speak fatigue with another word: “passion“. Apparently every company on earth has a passion for …


Hattie Larlham Groundbreaking Ceremony For Food Hub

We were proud to witness yesterday’s groundbreaking ceremony for Hattie Larlham’s new Food Hub facility located in Akron, Ohio. To learn more about this exciting project, click here to read the full article from the Akron Beacon Journal.




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