Building a customer-centric company can be a daunting task. CW helps companies gather and leverage customer analytics for sustainable growth and profitability

Customer Analytics for Every Stage of the B2b Customer Lifecycle

Who are my ideal customers?

How do I find my customers?

What channels do I use?

What’s the market potential?


How do I acquire more customers?

What’s the right message?

      Does my company’s brand                       resonate?


How do I keep my customers?

Which customers are likely to leave?

Who are my most profitable customers?


How to win back lost customers?

Why did a customer churn?

How do I get more sales from my current customers?

We build top performing, sustainable, customer-centric organizations by…
  • focusing on the entire customer lifecycle

  • creating higher customer lifetime value

  • smashing functional silos

  • aligning organizational culture

  • enhancing customer service

  • developing Voice of Customer programs

  • identifying metrics

  • informing you on technology platforms

Our solutions are completely scalable with plenty of off-ramps. From mid to large businesses, discrete problems to all-inclusive restructuring, we can help.

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We’re here to turn your customer data into revenue. Let’s chat about how we can help your company achieve its goals.


ColemanWick is a customer analytics firm that ignites growth for mid-market manufacturing companies and audience-driven non-profits with a seamless blend of customer analytics and market research from our proprietary DataFrame®.



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