We believe in customer data

Our customer analytics helps B2B companies identify, acquire, retain, and reactivate customers to grow revenue and enhance profits 

Customer Analytics for Every Stage of the B2b Customer Lifecycle

Who are my ideal customers?

How do I find my customers?

What channels do I use?

Is there market potential for me?


How do I get more customers?

What do I say to potential customers?


How do I keep my customers?

Which customers are likely to leave?

Who are my most valuable customers?


How do I regain customers I’ve lost?

Why didn’t a customer stay with us?

How do I get more sales from my current customers?

Our solutions drive revenue
Tell Me How

Simply put, we help you make smart decisions based on analytics, which results in more revenue, higher profits, and satisfied customers.

We build top performing, sustainable, customer-centric organizations by…

  • Customer identification, acquisition, retention and win-back frameworks

  • Predictive modeling and advanced customer segmentation

  • Metric identification 

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvement

  • Customer personalization

  • Voice of Customer (VOC) programs

  • Qualitative brand and customer research

  • Building customer-centric organization consulting

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ColemanWick is a customer analytics firm that ignites growth for mid-market manufacturing companies and audience-driven non-profits with a seamless blend of customer analytics and market research from our proprietary DataFrame®.



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